Wraparound Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI

Wraparound Milwaukee is a unique system of care for children with serious emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs and their families.

It utilizes a WRAPAROUND philosophy and approach which focus on strength-based, individualized care. Combined with a unique organizational structure, Wraparound Milwaukee delivers a comprehensive and flexible array of services to youth and their families.


  1. To serve each youth and family with respect and dignity acknowledging their strengths, needs and preferences.
  2. To partner with the agencies that work with families to create a coordinated, holistic plan for a better life.
  3. To support youth and their families to remain safely in their homes and communities.
  4. To provide quality care that is culturally responsive to the diverse needs of the families we serve.
  5. To provide leadership in creating lasting resources to promote the health and well being of families in their communities.
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5 Tips for Reclaiming a Sense of Normalcy for Parents Working from Home
  1.  Extend Yourself Grace
  2. Create a Ritual
  3. Connect with Your Tribe
  4. Establish Themed Family Nights
  5. Cultivate Self-Care

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